Proud Winners of The Queen's Award for Voluntary Service

Our Volunteering Hero Award Finalists


Our Volunteering Hero Award – Finalists


Jane works endlessly to clean the community and organises group picks. She engages the council, rangers, civic society. She is a massive advocate of clean, green communities. Jane really deserves the recognition for picking everyone else’s litter on a daily basis whilst caring for her sick mother.



I would like to nominate a lady that I have seen go above and beyond anything I have ever seen before. I am a serving police officer and in my service I have seen amazing people but this lady for me stands out a mile in a different way. This lady dedicates her own time to help dogs that have either escaped their family homes or are strays in need of medical attention. For one recent example this lady has lay in a grave yard alone in freezing and wet temperatures for weeks on end at all hours of the day to gain the trust of a lost dog that was originally rescued from Cyprus and brought to the UK. After 4 longs weeks she finally captured this dog - being the lead up to Christmas her life was on hold which meant no Christmas shopping for her loved ones and she wouldn’t stop until she got the dog to safety. This is just one of many of her success stories. I’m not sure if this is something she can be nominated for but I believe this is an outstanding member of the community who has for a few years dedicated her time no matter what hour of day it is or what it cost she has been there and had a great success. I would like her to get some kind of recognition as she does not do this for glory or for thanks and does it out of the goodness of her heart whatever the weather and location be it in a cemetery to moor land with no one around. Her main priority is one thing and that is to protect and help families / animals.

Michelle is completely selfless in her efforts to help animals. She goes out at all hours of the day and night and in all weathers to try and bring distressed creatures to safety, no matter how long it takes and regardless of any discomfort to herself. She supports owners and finders of animals, giving information and assistance to both them and the wider community in all kinds of circumstances. She is a volunteer scanner for Harvey's Army who aim to reunite missing pets with their owners. She also assists animals involved in road traffic accidents. Michelle has a good relationship with other Rescue organisations and is very well thought of in this respect. She deserves recognition for the valuable role she has chosen to undertake on a voluntary basis, at some financial, emotional and physical cost to herself, in order to benefit our community.

My mum works full time as a year 3 Teacher. In the little spare time that she has, she volunteers for Harvey’s Army and devotes her time to helping injured animals, helping families search for their lost pet, rescuing stray animals and so much more. She has been doing this for the last few years and if anyone has lost an animal, or sees a lost animal, they call my mum. She will drop whatever she is doing and go and scan them for a microchip and then reunite them with their owners. There have been times where animals have been missing for weeks on end, and during this time my mum puts up posters, uses the power of social media for sightings and then maps it all out. She then goes and puts cameras up to make sure she finds where the animal goes the most. She will then spend her nights when she should be resting and sleeping for work, to sit in her car and await the animal. She uses BBQs to get the animals to come out of hiding, and then uses a humane trap to catch them and reunite them. In all weather she is outside, snowing? No problem. A bit of rain? Not bothered. Worked all day and had no sleep? Easy. Everyone who comes across her calls her their guardian angel. She has saved 1000 of animals and made families so happy. I cannot think of anyone in the world who deserves this award the most.

I first met Michelle a couple of years ago when I found a stray dog and didn't know what to do so I put it on Facebook that I was looking for the owner. Michelle took the dog from me, scanned to find out if the dog was chipped and reunited the dog with the owner. This saved the dog unnecessary stress and the owners a fee of £ if the dog had gone to the warden. Since meeting Michelle I have since become a volunteer scanner and have been involved with several rescues and dog trappings. Myself and a team of around 15 others spent almost every night for a month in a graveyard in Bolton last November / December 2018 trying to catch a dog called Alyssa that had escaped from a care home after being brought over from Cyprus. The team was organised my Michelle and resulted in the capture of this dog just before Christmas last year. Michelle sat night after night in the graveyard gaining the trust of this very scared dog who was at this point in survival mode. Michelle's knowledge and patience and her guidance helped this dog to be caught. Whilst Michelle was gaining the dogs trust night after night the rest of us were manning the entrances and making sure that Alyssa was put off leaving the enclosed area until we were ready for her to leave. This went on night after night in the freezing cold and rain. Eventually we all closed in on Alyssa and as she followed Michelle out of one exit, still not confident enough for us to touch here, we were able to catch her by making a large pen which was closed off after she'd followed Michelle. This dog then stayed with Michelle for 24 hours before being re-homed (it was not possible to reunite her with the care home). This is just one example, I don't think a week goes by with Michelle being involved in a rescue. This is what the lady that runs the rescue in Cyprus wrote...... We have the most amazing news ever just on time for Christmas. Our baby Alyssa is finally safe again. After almost a month of sleepless nights, and sky high stress levels Alyssa will finally sleep in warm bed. We are overwhelmed, and so grateful for her rescue team. They never gave up on her. Devoted so much time every single day, away from their families, being in freezing temperatures. This team was working tirelessly day and night thinking of ways to get Alyssa safe. We feel blessed that there are people like them in this world. Thank you is not enough, words cannot describe the gratitude we feel about them. Special thanks to Michelle Newns-Peers. A wonderful person who would do anything to get her safe.



Tracey, along with others set up BEAT THE STREET, as there was nowhere for homeless people to get a hot meal on some days in Bury. She along with the others go out 3 nights a week, come rain or shine and provide for those most in need. Everyone at the street kitchen loves her she is always happy and has the right things to say to people when they're at their lowest. Without her and this group, 25-30 people would go hungry at least 3 nights a week. Tracey and I have been friends through volunteering for over a year. Recently we set up our own street kitchen as there were no provisions in Bury for service users.

Beat The Street has been named as The Food Warehouse supermarket's Local Legends for their efforts preparing and serving meals from Angouleme Retail Park. The charity were specially selected from nominations shared on social media by Bury residents. Earlier this week the charity's team were welcomed to the new Pilsworth supermarket where they were presented with £250 worth of good to replenish their supplies.