Proud Winners of The Queen's Award for Voluntary Service

Our Teen Hero Award Finalists


Our Teen Hero Award – Finalists


Emma is a YR 10 pupil from Woodhey High School and too be honest I don't know where to start! She is just an incredible young person, I follow her on Facebook and all she does, just astounds me! Please look at her Facebook page. I will try to briefly outline why I want to nominate Emma. Emma runs and leads lots of local campaigns by public speaking to try and save our Green areas in Bury. She also goes out Litter picking in all her spare time!! She recently started a motion on Air pollution in Bury and took her campaign to the British youth Council. Because of all her hard work in Bury, it's now been added to the UK Parliament Manifesto!!! This was the 1st time Emma had been away from home due to crippling Anxiety, the 1st time in 5 years.

You may have seen on the news recently, the young people striking from school and protesting for Climate Change. Emma has been the main force behind this motion, gathering young people from all over the Country to support the protests. She has spoken to thousands of people at each strike in an aim to help our climate crisis. Due to Emma's hard work, the motion has now forced Parliament to have a debate on climate change and it's now firmly on the Governments agenda!

Emma started an ECO Club at school where she is currently Head Girl. She holds stalls at weekend to raise money for the ECO Garden she's building in the School grounds. She also organising Gardening days for our local community to develop the Garden. All the Veg grown goes to people in Bury in need of food.

Emma attends all Bury Council Cabinet meetings to educate herself on local matters she can support. She relays the meetings to young people on Social media, explaining it all in a meaningful way to her peers. Emma has recently been appointed as our Youth Councillor for Bury! Quite an achievement, consequently she has gone on to force a Climate Emergency in Bury. Emma now visits the houses of Parliament and soeaks to Political leaders about our Climate Crisis publically.

Emma through her Social Media, is a fierce supporter of buying locally and supporting the people of Bury with small businesses. Emma is running a campaign at school on Plastic Pollution. Her aim is to halve the use of plastic in schools, within 12 months. Emma has had her own mental health problems and for many years struggled to stay away from home. To have achieved all she has is nothing short of incredible and she's a Bury Girl...ours! To help others who suffer from mental health problems, she now runs as many 10K's as possible to raise money. All the money she raises, goes directly to support children through the charity Young Minds. Emma really does deserve some recognition for all she does for the young people in Bury and our community. It would be really lovely for her to see that she has been nominated and hopefully it will help her to see how amazing she is!



Patrick tirelessly dedicates his time to animals in need of help, he will stop at nothing or turn down any animal, bird or creature if he can help in its rescue and rehabilitation. A local hero. An animal hero. Patrick does all this at his own cost & around all his school work. He has helped so many people & animals. Patrick is only a teen but does an amazing job caring for birds and wildlife that have been abandoned by their parents or injured. He goes out at all times of day and night to help wildlife in need in our community.

Teenagers get such a bad stigma these days it important that we also show the hard and caring work that they are capable of. Patrick goes out day and night to help wildlife. He puts wildlife in need before himself. Often funding equipment and sometimes recovery himself. There are not many young lads that would dedicate most of their time to help rescue animals. Because our rescue services are stretched to the limit and short on funding we need to make a good example of Patrick and show him how grateful we are for his dedication.

Patrick is such a young man to be so devoted to wildlife. I called him on a late Sunday evening and he dropped everything to help the poor squirrel I had found. I see him time and time again on Facebook, always advising or helping practically with injured or stray animals. He deserves acknowledgement.

Patrick Jackson is young man who goes above and beyond to rescue the wildlife of Bury and surroundings areas. Patrick is such a caring, hard working young man. He works tirelessly and selflessly, day and night to help wild life. I have given Patrick and/or the wildlife he has rescued a couple of lifts to the appropriate rehabilitation facility. He is young person who cares for animals and birds large and small, wild and domestic, his home is full of rescued birds and animals. I think it is amazing that someone so young is so dedicated to protecting and saving wildlife and wants to spend his spare time and his career dedicating his life to animal welfare. He is polite, mature, reliable, caring and knowledgeable and always willing to help. He is also volunteer at Greenmount Bird Sanctuary.

Whether its wild birds, domestic birds, hedgehogs, mice, frogs cats or dogs Patrick will help. He does it all because he cares not for any recognition. He doesn't get any financial support or paid for the work he does its all voluntary. He spends all his money on food, vet care equipment. So many people call on Patrick to help the injured wildlife they find. As well as going out rescuing / catching injured wildlife. He also comes out to help me catch domestic pets who need help. I know I can call on him anytime for help, advice or support he is very knowledgeable and happy to help me catch any animal in need . I am so proud of him and all he does. He deserves recognition for being so kind, caring and dedicated.



Courtney is passionate that all carers, especially young carers and young adult carers are identified early in their role and receive relevant and timely support throughout their journey. Courtney has created a UK Government and Parliament Petition asking for 'Professionals to receive mandatory training around Carers and their needs' she has recently completed her 1st year of a 3year degree course and this included a piece of work around Carers needs. She also works part time with Action For Children and is involved with the Gaddum Mood Music Project. Courtney is inspirational and supportive of all carers who come along to our weekly coffee morning. Courtney has informally worked with several carers and cared fors providing peer support and information. She is a big advocate for Gaddum and other Carer organisations using her own experience of being a Carer. She is actively involved in ensuring services are developed and commissioned to meet the needs of people who use them.

Courtney came to our service as a young carer aged 16 1/2 as Bury Young Carers were unable to support her. Courtney provides practical and emotional support to her mother and grandma. Courtney has openly discussed her own mental health issues and now blogs about both her caring role and mental wellbeing

Courtney is an amazing asset to the community. She blogs about mental health, her own journey as a young adult carer and inspires other people to reach out and get help. She has a positive attitude and outlook on life and is always looking at ways to improve services and other people’s lives not just within Bury, but also within Greater Manchester. She attends community events to share her opinions and thoughts, and always fights for the best outcome in relation to charities, the community and individuals. This involves a petition for mandatory training for all teachers in schools and colleges to enable them to identify and support young carers. Courtney is also a hardworking student alongside her blogging/ambassador role and always put the upmost effort into everything she does.