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Our Little Fundraising Hero Award Finalists


Our Little Fundraising Hero Award – Finalists


Eleanor has been fundraising for children’s hospitals & hospices since she was 3 years old! We decided on Christmas day we wouldn’t open presents instead we went to the children’s hospital in Manchester & Eleanor gave away presents & her Christmas money! Every year we have visited the hospital, each year getting more gifts off family & friends & giving gifts to the nurses & ward staff as well! Eleanor then started fundraising on her birthday for Francis house children’s hospices and instead of getting gifts asked friends to donate! She’s done this for 3 years sharing parties with school friends from Hollymount & raising thousands of pounds for this hospice! Last year she held a cake sale on the drive at Tottington’s big day out with all her school friends & raised a few hundred pound! In the summer our family friend was 90 and Eleanor asked her to donate to the children’s hospice instead of giving gifts, our friend Majorie was delighted & this raised over £500! On her 7th birthday in January she is having a shares party with school friends and all four of them have agreed to not have presents and give to the royal Manchester children’s scanner appeal! Eleanor is a super kind girl & loves to give back & help those less fortunate than her & her mission is to encourage more people young or old to give back!! Me and her Daddy are so very proud of her! As Eleanor’s parents we are incredibly proud of her to keep being a fundraising star, the nurses love her visits & make a real fuss of her & her school headmistress is full of praise, encouraging others to be as kind as Eleanor. Eleanor ( as an only child) is very fortunate to get nice things & have nice holidays etc, but we want to encourage & remind her, from a very early age that giving back in life is the best gift you can ever give! Thank you for considering her nomination. She is 7 years old.



We are nominating Wyatt for the young fundraiser award due to his ongoing efforts. Wyatt has shown so much love to other people. It started last year when Wyatt decided he wanted to donate all his own Easter eggs to the children’s hospital. We thought for an 8 year old boy that was very thoughtful. Wyatt didn’t stop there he then went on to do the Great Manchester run and raised money for the Olive Chambel -Hardy trust which is best known as Liv's Trust. Oliva’s life was tragically taken on May 22nd in the Manchester Arena Bombings. Wyatt didn’t stop there he then went on to do tougher mudder for the Children’s Rainbow Trust, which helps support families and children with life threatening illness. After Wyatt complete all these fantastic things, he then said to us that he wanted to do just one more thing this year( 2018) and make some poorly children in hospital have a good Christmas. Wyatt decided he was going to walk up Holcombe Hill and ask people to donate selection boxes that he could take to the children’s hospital. Wyatt raised 240 selection boxes, he split these between North Manchester hospital, Derian Hospice and Graces place which made a lot of children happy. Wyatt will continue to fundraise though out 2019 as well and has many ideas on what he wants to do. Wyatt is such a caring soul and we truly feel he will continue to be this way throughout his life. As parents we couldn’t be more prouder of the young man he is. We would like you to consider Wyatt for the young fundraiser award. As parents we couldn’t be more proud of our 8 year old boy his compassion for other is outstanding, he thinks everything through and will try and help in anyway he can, he’s even roped his school friends into do a charity walk to raise Easter Eggs for children, and is going to take part in the gung ho challenge in April 2019 to raise money for children’s hospice throughout the Bury area.



Max is a young boy age 11, whom until he took it upon himself to fundraise for my son, I had never met. He heard that we were raising funds to make my son’s garden more accessible, and wanted to help, despite never meeting us. To do this, Max conquered his biggest fear of heights, by climbing Mount Snowden. All on his own back, Max collected relevant information, created a poster, and spread the word before completing the huge task of climbing the mountain with his Mum and her friend (my cousin). Max has a heart of gold who wants others to access the same as he does. He wanted a boy he didn't know have a garden of their own which was accessible and sensory. We are so thankful for this young boy, and believe he deserves recognition for being so selfless and caring.