Proud Winners of The Queen's Award for Voluntary Service

Our Hero Family Award Finalists


Our Hero Family Award – Finalists


This family have been through trials, challenges and heartbreak. Without making it known to the majority, this family have pushed through storms whilst being an unbelievable blessing to the community. Their hearts are huge as no matter what they are going through they are there to help and support others. Sally volunteers whilst caring for her 4 children, Scott works full time but still offers practical help to others such as DIY. Then there's Summer, an incredible sister and carer to her siblings who all have special educational needs and disabilities, Lola the dinosaur expert, Noah a sweet young boy and Wilson a cheeky babba. Together they make a beautiful family who love their community. To add, Sally has a spirit like no other, she is delicate and understanding, making her the go to girl for a friendly chat or hug. She always listens and tries to help with whatever she can. She is selfless and nothing is too much for her. Have so much respect and love for this family. They are truly remarkable and beautiful.



My Mum is one of a kind, I don’t just say this being her daughter, she really is! She will ALWAYS put others before herself, especially her 3 children. The past 7 years have especially challenging for my Mum, starting with myself getting pregnant at 15 years old after just leaving high school. My mum came to every appointment; made sure everything was in place for me and my little girl and made sure I stayed at home until I was wise enough as a young adult and mother to be able to manage my own humble abode. After 18 months of helping me out with not only being a first time mum but also a teenaged mum, my sister (also 15 at this time) found out she was now expecting her first baby, my mum reacted in the same selfless way. Making sure she attended every appointment and being beyond the best birthing partner, once again! Beyond all this home life, my mum was also studying her Foundation Degree in Early Years Education AS WELL AS working full time being a devoted deputy manager in her beloved Pre School. On Boxing Day 2015 my dad lost his entire business in the flooding, this meant my dad now had to start from scratch after losing over £40,000 worth of equipment and work vans. Unfortunately now it meant that they depended on my mum financially to make sure all the bills were paid, to keep a roof over their heads and food in their bellies until my dad started to build an income again. She graduated in 2016 and we couldn’t have been more proud of her. Well that’s what we thought! By this time I was living in my own house and had now had my second little girl, now actually living facing opposite my mum. Several times a week she would cook our tea and bring it across to help me out. After graduating in July 2016, she decided her time studying wasn’t up and went on to start her BA Hons top up degree in the following September, still working full time and being the best mum and nana that anyone could have wished for. Fast forwarding to July 2017 my mum graduated with a FIRST CLASS DEGREE and proudly wore that gold tassel like nothing had ever got in her way. SHE STILL WASNT DONE! My mum then signed up to start her masters! Also knowing her 6th grandchild was expected to come whilst studying this. In May 2018, my mum’s mental health was totally shot down despite everything that had already come her way, when my older sister and my nephew both very nearly lost their lives upon his arrival. She was soon diagnosed with anxiety and put on medication to help her deal with these panic attacks and anxiousness that was occurring. She also made sure she took my eldest daughter and my niece to pre-school every single day with her to relieve pressure off me and my younger sister. She suffered with anxiety and depression on and off for 18 months now and to see her get so low, breaks my heart because she deserves the world! Earlier this year my mum found out that after 15 years of her service at Chantlers pre School, she was unfortunately being made redundant due to Chantlers Primary taking over the Pre school after it being charity ran for its entire existence, this was out of Pre schools control. My mum has made an impact on hundreds of children’s early education during her time at Pre school and was actually promoted to deputy manager 7 years ago. Her heart and soul went into that Pre school and it completely broke her to know she had to leave. Since my mum finding this out, she has had to put her masters on hold but still makes sure she’s the most loving devoted wife, daughter, mum, nana and friend to everyone. She won’t ever change no matter what life brings to her because she is a HERO, she is our FAMILY HERO, and no one deserves this more.



Before Christmas 2018, Bethany and her beloved dad and younger sister were travelling home from a football game together. This is something they’ve done for many years and the dad was everything to the girls. Tragically this night a serious car collision occurred and the dad very sadly lost his life. Bethany’s younger sister attended hospital but was thankfully released. However Bethany at the young age of 20 was left with multiple serious injuries which incurred rebuilding her legs with metal and emergency surgery. Bethany remained in an induced coma for a long time. My reason for nomination is the phenomenal inner strength of the girls mum who had to practically live at Bethany’s bedside while equally be at home to support a grieving 12 year old daughter who had lost her dad. The determination of the three of them is beyond words. The recovery is still ongoing and set backs have become a common theme for Bethany. In July 2019 all of Bethany’s university friends graduated, which she wasn’t able to do having missed the majority of her final year. However she bravely attended as a spectator to be proud of her cohort of friends. As a family of 3 now they strive to make the dad proud, they are fighting on and I truly find them all inspirational. I feel their positively determination and togetherness should be celebrated Thank you.