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Our Fundraising Hero Award Finalists


Our Fundraising Hero Award – Finalists


I am Freya’s mother. Freya has raised over £10,000 for various charities. She is always thinking of new fundraising ideas. She is doing her next fundraiser on Aug 17th her annual Peel Tower abseil. This time she is raising money for 2 causes, Baby Brody from Bury, who has a rare liver cancer and her 2nd chosen charity is Bladder cancer UK. Freya helps support Bury Homeless Charity with clothes and food collections all year round. Freya doesn’t get enough recognition in our local community for all she does behind the scenes. It would be lovely to receive an award for all her hard work. Freya is 18 years old.



Samina was diagnosed with bone cancer in her leg and after undergoing 2 years of painful treatment had to have her leg removed. Instead of giving up Samina decided to do something to help other children in a similar position to herself. Samina said that being in hospital can be quite boring and what cheered her up was when people brought her gifts such as teddies and blankets. Samina has turned her efforts to fundraising for ward 84 where she was treated and has so far raised over £1000. Saminas aunty Carly says that Samina is such an inspiration she has a can do attitude and is so positive and always smiling. She is 15 years old.



Gemma sadly lost her twins Archie & Ayla during pregnancy & we could have lost Gemma too. Since this happened, Gemma & her husband Danny have organised quite a few fundraisers from Christmas fairs, a party in the park & they are currently organising a fundraising ball & a bucket collection outside one of Bury FC football matches. All this is for the 4louis charity who provide cuddle cots whilst you’re in hospital allowing you to spend that extra bit of time with your baby/babies before having to say goodbye. I’d just like to say I think Gemma & Danny deserve this award for the hard work they put in to each event & it will also give them an extra chance to promote this charity & get it recognised by more people.

Gemma lost twins Archie and Ayla due to her having sepsis at 22 weeks, Gemma almost died too. Gemma received a memory box from the 4louis charity and has worked tirelessly since raising thousands for them despite working and having 3 other children to look after. She always goes the extra mile in whatever she does and she even helps other bereaved parents in chats online. I know I am biased because I’m her mum but she truly is inspirational. It would be so lovely for her efforts to be recognised with your amazing award and maybe she might begin to realise how much she does and how much it is appreciated. Thank you for listening.