Proud Winners of The Queen's Award for Voluntary Service

Our Community Hero Award Finalists


Our Community Hero Award – Finalists


John found that last year a charity were withdrawing all its local dementia services with no notice and feeling so passionate about this cause he immediately set up 3 weekly groups with volunteers to continue support on Bury area for sufferers and carers. He does this unpaid and puts a huge amount of effort and time into the groups. He is also a community worker for the Co-op in Walmersley. The groups are invaluable and we totally rely on them on our difficult journey. He also doesn't drive so transports all equipment by hand on public transport in all weather's. He is truly dedicated. John provides a lifeline and support for us all unselfishly for no gain. His sessions are well planned to include everyone and are fun. I don't know what we'd do without them. My client is forever saying how she loves to go to the Dementia sessions because John makes her feel 'normal,' makes her laugh as well as interesting and motivating. John does other community work in and around the area, voluntary such as the Rotary Club, where he participated as Father Christmas, raising money for them on cold nights. Other times he tirelessly raises money for charities especially for Dementia, For Making Space, and helps the homeless too. He gets involved with the Co-op as a community support worker so understands what people are needing, not just wanting to see happen. He sits with people in groups and one on one discussing their needs and gets to the bottom of how they can best be supported. He also has many ideas, which he brings into being that work. Another area that he has even taken part in is the Walk with me Bury Health Walks, as a volunteer. John has such passion and drive, and walks or buses to places across the Bury borough connecting up with loads of agencies and making people aware of what is going on around them.. He always smiles, and gives above and beyond and this is mostly done out of his own pocket. John runs 3 groups helping people with dementia and carers. Tuesday group at The Green Cafe includes games, crafts, and singing. Wednesday group at The Mosses Centre Bury reminiscing and games. Thursday’s group is a singing group at Morrisons Supermarket. John is a very committed caring fun person who devotes so much of his time helping people living with dementia and their carer.



I have worked at Bury alongside Sergeant Abed Hussain for 4 years and would like to nominate him for the award this year, please see my nomination below:

He has proved himself to be a real life Community Champion, building a fantastic level of trust and engagement throughout the diverse communities of Bury, Greater Manchester. Demonstrating a real personal commitment, he has given up his own time to develop links in the Mosques, Synagogues, Churches and other Faith and minority support groups. As a direct consequence of this work he has achieved real innovation and progress in drawing people together and generating cohesion.

He developed the LGBT Rainbow Walks in Bury, during which an Imam from a local Mosque addressed the crowd, condemning recent atrocities and preaching peace, tolerance and cooperation. This led to a full Gay Pride March in Bury town centre. Religious leaders from Sikh, Hindu, Christian and Muslim faiths all gave speeches fostering inclusivity and condemning hate. He also organised Rabbis and Vicars to attend Farewell Friday Prayers at a Mosque during Ramadan, where they handed out flowers to the congregation which had been donated by local businesses.

By developing the Bury Muslim Forum he brought together Wahhabi, Sunni and Shia strands of the faith to communicate and cooperate for the first time since the various Mosques have been in existence. He supported an Asian Women’s group to develop the trust and confidence of the community, they also attend. The Forum discuss issues to better understand each other’s perspectives and keep all informed of current events. This increased the under reporting of hate incidents, Domestic Abuse and other issues.

Working tirelessly within the faith communities, he has also now trained the staff and obtained Third Party Hate Crime Reporting status for every Mosque and Synagogue across Bury.

Working in his own time, the nominee developed Social Media communication tools throughout the Muslim Community, helping to keep people safe and reassured. His drive to improve local engagement and cooperation is ongoing and has been for the last 2 years. The culmination of these efforts can be demonstrated by the success of an event that the nominee planned and delivered called, Collabor8. This is an ongoing Multi faith event with displays and demonstrations around culture, food and entertainment. Drawing in excess of 1000 young people from around the borough to promote learning and tolerance. It created a real community vibrancy benefiting the entire Borough. The Military and all public services have utilised this event to increase their recruitment.

He achieved an outstanding contribution in the recruitment of Black Minority Ethnic groups to GMP and other services during recent recruitment drives, helping services achieve true legitimacy in the eyes of the community. He has since created the Collabor8 youth group which meets weekly and continues the good work and cohesion.

Each Mosque leader, Chairman and Imam from every Mosque in Bury has highlighted their recognition and thanks of the pivotal role he has played in achieving a level of communication and cooperation between Police and the Muslim community. The additional impact is that there is communication between interfaith groups which has never been seen before in Bury. Such is the enthusiasm of the public, multiple emails and phone calls have been made to show the communities appreciation and to enquire how they can contribute to the nominee being recognised for his unparalleled commitment.

His dedication and efforts are a key factor in our Community’s high satisfaction. He has achieved an outstanding contribution to community cohesion and inclusivity in Bury.

We would like to nominate Sergeant Abed Hussain, for his dedicated work in Bury, He has set up the Bury Muslim Forum , he has helped to plan a multi-faith collaborative event with, aimed at tackling hate crime. He had given an outstanding contribution in promoting inclusion, equality and diversity. Sergeant Hussain has made such a great impact within the borough building a rapport between multi-faiths and communities. Working alongside with Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service, an annual event, Collabor8 held at Bury College which brings together people of different faiths, ages and backgrounds under one roof. He seeks to deliver excellence, seeing tasks through, helping, supporting and developing others. He inspired us, Supporting Sisters a charity to support vulnerable people in our community. He Supports charity organisations and the communities of Bury, explaining how to tackle hate Crime related issues & incidents, by organising regular hate crime meetings, regular visits around the area. He reassures and encourage people to be forthcoming in reporting incidents no matter how small they and makes people believe they’re not wasting police time. He is Always helpful and Patient , as a charity we supports vulnerable people and are constantly needing advice or referring, when we bombard him questions he has so much patience, he is always willing to help giving advice, no matter how complicated. He goes above and beyond what he needs to by working past his duty hours to ensure people are safe. All of this is done with a smile! A hero without a cape! We as a charity organisation nominate him for his overall contribution to the community his helpful attitude towards people and moreover the passion he has and care he shows to the communities of Bury.



Lorraine is the one of the most bravest, strongest ladies I have ever met. She is brave because even though she lost her beloved youngest son (Steven 22 years old) in very tragic circumstances in January 2018, she has looked to help others through her heartbreaking grief & bereavement. The astonishing acts of helping others that I know about are the following, but I’m sure on a daily basis she helps others even though she is in extreme, understandable, emotional pain. Steven was laid to rest in a beautiful but somewhat neglected cemetery locally & Lorraine on seeing how unloved the cemetery had become, set about arranging a cleanup campaign & organised a number of days with much appreciated volunteers, to restore the beautiful St Johns In The Wilderness cemetery back to its glory. This has been much appreciated by other visitors to the cemetery & continues. Lorraine also has been very much involved (along with other mothers/families who have lost sons to water) in a campaign with United Utilities to promote safeness around open water by highlighting the dangers & providing emergency throwlines @ local reservoirs in honour of Steven. Lorraine has also campaigned for Safety Around Water to be taught in schools. Broken-hearted but looking to do good & keep others safe as Stevens legacy, Also very active & vocal in LGBT rights, as Steven had encountered discrimination regarding his sexuality from a small minority. Lorraine is in my opinion an extremely worthy nominee for Community Hero in the Pride of Bury Awards.